Water Service Module

Why it’s class-leading:

  • Tank Heating System
  • Tank Cooling System
  • Micro Processor Control
  • Interconnecting Pipework and Wiring
  • Deaerator head can be fitted as an optional extra

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About the Water Service Module

A one-stop solution for water servicing, our easy-to-operate Water Service Module is designed for the treatment, storage (both temporary and permanent), expansion and cooling of water entering and discharging from your boiler.

The unit works by supplying the boiler with chemically and thermally treated feed water and accepting the returning condensate and boiler discharges, which are de-energised and cooled before entering the foul water drain. Computer-aided controls regulate the water level, feed temperature and discharge temperature to ensure precision results and a fast, efficient response to sudden load changes.

Ready for immediate use as a connection unit with all essential components, our water service module is as convenient as it is functional.

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Why you need our Water Service Module

  • Feed water tank
    Robust construction features inspection opening, overfill protection, chemical dosing connection and lifting lugs
  • Blowdown tank
    Manufactured from carbon steel sheet, the tank is fully welded, hydraulically tested and features protective cladding
  • Chemical dosing system
    Works in conjunction with the water level control system of the feed water tank for precision control
  • Water sample cooler
    Enables the operator to take water samples from the two boilers
  • Digital level display
    Mounted at an accessible height for easy operation. Optional connections for tank water level and minimum temperature of feed water