UT-H Hot Water Boiler

820 — 18,300 kW

High temperature hot water boiler

Why it’s class-leading:


  • Capacity from 820 – 18,300 kW
  • Shell boiler with fire-tube 3-pass construction
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Modulates to suit fluctuating heat requirements
  • Suitable for all burner types
  • Stable at peak and low loads
  • Injector design improves circulation and increases inner flow return temperature
  • Optional integrated flue gas heat recovery device


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About the UT-H Hot Water Boiler

Our precision-engineered range of fire-tube three-pass boilers is designed for the production of hot water to very high pressure and temperatures – up to 30 bar and 240°C respectively.

A powerful and reliable shell boiler, the UT-H is suitable for local authority applications, such as sports complexes and swimming pools, as well as commercial process installations in greenhouses, factory halls and airports, and for the supply of heat to residential complexes and multi-occupancy housing.

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Why you need the UT-H Hot Water Boiler

  • User-friendly operation
    Innovative design allows for simple operation and provides easy access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance
  • Multi-functional heating
    Suitable for space/water and process heating in high temperature ranges
  • Optional efficiency boosting extra
    Integrated flue gas heat recovery device is available to achieve even greater efficiency
  • Self-modulating function
    Fire tube bundle and water capacity optimised to ensure rapid thermal transmission and adequate hot water output. Adapts to fluctuating heat requirements.