Universal Series ZFR Packaged Steam Boiler 28,000 – 55,000KG/HR

Why it’s class-leading

  • 3-pass, double fire, tube steam boiler
  • High integrity water level controls
  • Flexible output for fluctuating steam demand
  • Optional economiser for greater efficiency
  • Optional super-heater for high temperature duties
  • Modulating burner and continuous feed control
  • Natural gas or oil models

High output, supreme reliability

Could your plant be more efficient?

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About the Universal ZFR

Offering high heat and steam outputs, excellent energy efficiency, and proven reliability, the Universal Series ZFR wet-back packaged steam boiler is ideal for more demanding industrial applications.

Key to the boiler’s operation is a patented twin-furnace horizontal shell, which not only ensures maximum operating efficiency but also allows single furnace operation for safe and easy maintenance. This is thanks to a separate flue gas pass that goes right through the boiler to the flue outlet, where the two furnaces merge.

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Why you need the Universal ZFR

One furnace operation
Ensures greatest modulation of output (double the burner turn down ratio) for maximum efficiency

Rapid heat transfer
For greater steam quality and pressure stability

Minimum radiation loss
Engineered using high quality materials for minimum radiation loss and sturdy construction

Cutting edge emission reduction technology
Helps manufacturers to meet emissions targets

Touch-screen operation
For easy, safe, and efficient operation of the boiler

Long service life
Designed for unparalleled service life of over 50 years

Skid mounted
Features top lifting lugs for ease of handling