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If you’re looking for a steam boiler specialist that will go the extra mile for you, you’re in the right place. We don’t spend thousands of pounds on advertising or employ expensive marketeers – most of our business comes through word of mouth recommendations and our solid reputation. Read through our testimonials¬†below and find out why CFB’s clients are happy customers and use our boilers again & again!

“When we heard CFB Boilers’ proposal we realised we could get extra steam capacity from the 100hsp 4VT, which would make us future-proof in the event of further expansion, but at the same price as a new 80hsp 4VT Steam Boiler. It was a perfect solution for us. Steam was our best option as it’s better and faster at performing the heating function. We are now on course to output 15,000 hectolitres this year, and 20,000 in 2017, which will represent a four-fold increase in around 24 months.”

Stuart Ross

Head brewer, Magic Rock Brewing

“We worked closely with CFB Boilers from the beginning, setting out our requirements. In turn, CFB Boilers rated the boiler accordingly, recommending a 60hp 4VT model. This was installed and commissioned in April 2016 and we’ve been really impressed with its performance ever since. It’s easy to use, heats up quickly and has been fitted to a high specification. CFB Boilers also listened to our requirements regarding how we wanted the pipework routed. Ultimately, CFB Boilers delivered exactly what we wanted, when we wanted it.”

Matt Boyle

Director, Wylam Brewery

“We have a very good relationship with CFB.¬†They have installed a steam generating system to be proud of and resolved any issues quickly and professionally. We are monitoring the boilers operation closely and already we have noted good energy savings, particularly over the winter period. This project has therefore not only reduced our energy consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions, but has also helped reduce our CRC Payments.”

Vicki Swaisland

Projects Manager, NIBSC

“We looked at a few suppliers but CFB Boilers provided us with a solution that best suited our present needs, as well as plans for future expansion. It was clear that the 4VT steam boiler was the most cost effective solution for our kegging line in comparison with an electrical steam raiser. We have seen a huge increase in our keg sales which has helped accelerate payback for the investment. In fact, we have tripled our keg sales over the past 12 months. Without doubt, being able to use stainless steel kegs has been the biggest benefit of having steam on site. I think that as any brewery grows and expands it needs to think about energy efficiency and costs, and steam is definitely the optimum solution.”

Sean Knight

Head brewer, Sambrooks Brewery

“CFB Boilers suggested that we switch from our electric boiler to their 4VT steam boiler and provided us with detailed analyses which compared our existing energy usage and running costs with their solution. They showed us that we could not only increase boiler capacity and speed up production time, but also save money on boiler running costs. It was a no brainer. For anyone still using electric boilers in their process, or even another gas-fired steam boiler, I’d highly recommend them to investigate whether they could improve on efficiency. It’s made a massive difference to our business.”

Lawrence Potter

Operations Manager, Green's Flour

“I just need to arrive in the morning and start working. This is what the Slim Jim enables me to do. There’s no waiting around for an hour, I can start work almost straight away. Now if a customer comes in first thing, I can get the job done in five minutes. We also decided to go with the Slim Jim because it’s really compact. We’ve got a very small space and all the doors are narrow, but installing the boiler was no problem for CFB’s engineers.”

Mr Malik

Owner, Canonbury Dry Cleaners