Are you in need of a reliable boiler company? Among the many of them out there, CFB Boilers stands out. We come with fantastic deals which are mainly designed to meet your needs. That is why if you require steam boilers, you should not hesitate to knock on our door. Here are the reasons why we are the perfect temporary boiler hire for you.

Quality Comes First

We provide nothing short of world-class steam boilers because we want you to get the best. Our steam boilers are energy-efficient for convenience, not to mention that they make use of incredible innovative technology. For instance, CFB Boilers was the first steam boiler company to build the high-grade four-pass steam boiler whose performance is incomparable.


CFB Boilers knows that your needs may be diverse. Therefore, we do not offer one type of boiler to limit your options. Instead, we have a variety of boilers for you to choose from. These include steam boilers, electric boilers and hot water boilers. Our units come with everything that you will need for installation. Consider your needs to decide on one that is most convenient for you to hire.

Experienced Engineers

One hundred twenty years of venturing in the steam boiler industry make us an ideal candidate for your temporary boiler hire. Over time, we have learnt how to implement some of the most realistic and practical solutions to ensure that our boilers do not let you down. Our experts are competent, and they will help you out in case you are confused about the boiler to hire.

Efficient Steam Solutions

At CFB Boilers, you can get different steam boiler services. Hiring a boiler is not always enough to meet your goals. You may need help installing it since if you don’t do it right, a lot of things can go wrong. That is where we step in. We take you through the various designs that we have and guide you on the process of setting them up.

Fast Response

We always put our clients first. That is why we should be your first choice if you are searching for a temporary boiler hire. Our experts will evaluate your needs as soon as you contact them. You can rely on us even if you are dealing with an emergency.


What’s better than a steam boiler company that doesn’t want to suck you dry? At CFB boilers, we offer temporary boiler hire services at a reasonable price. Our rates are way below those of other steam boiler companies out there. Owing to that, come to us if you are working with a tight budget. We can always work something out. CFB Boilers is where you need to come to if you desire to hire a boiler. We have various types of boilers for you to choose from. Also, we always put our customers’ needs first.

Get the service you deserve