Steam Boiler

CFB is one of the leading manufacturers of all types of steam boilers and offers a wide range of tube steam boilers and rapid steam generators (sometimes referred to as coil type steam boilers). Our aim at CFB is to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing you with a steam boiler in the UK that suits your needs. All our options are tailor-made solutions that will help you save energy and still have the guarantee of reliability and safety. Our rapid steam boilers and the fire tubes have the same goals, which are to produce ‘dry; saturated steam that will maximize the user’s heat delivery. These also operate along with some basic principles that dictate that water is restricted in space and is heated using a fuel-burning source. This combustion of energy is mostly transferred from the flame to the water by the processes of conduction and radiation. Once the water is adequately heated, steam will start being produced. But, this also means that the process of heating water to a ‘dry’ point is not the same each time.

Why You Should Choose Us

We Perform Consistent Preventive Maintenance

These boilers operate under extremely high pressure, and the steam is usually hot. Any accidents could cost you lives and cause irreparable damage. This is why after installation, you need a professional who will keep checking the steam boiler to make sure that it is at its optimum condition and should continue operating. Unless you have training working with boilers, you should never attempt to do it yourself. Our professionals will know how to check for steam leakages and what should be done to fix the issues.

We do not just install the steam boilers and leave. As a way to guarantee our customer’s safety, we will contact a reliable CFB professional who will maintain and inspect the boiler with our consistent preventive plan.

What this consists of

Our maintenance includes a thorough clean down. After regular use, there will be debris, water build-up, and soot that will coat the boiler. When this residue is 0.056 inches thick, it reduces the heat efficiency by up to 10%. The more the residue builds, the less effective the heat transfer is, and the greater the chances of the entire boiler breaking down. There is also the scale that usually builds up from the minerals in the water. This scale can also be responsible for the failure of the boiler.

Our CFB team knows what to do and how they will clean the steam boiler safely without risking the premises or the business. They will also check the quality of water in the steam boiler so that it does not affect the functions of your HVAC.


Choose a professional that you can trust when it comes to steam boiler installations in the UK, CFB is here for you. This way, you will have peace of mind. Contact us today for more information.

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