Skid Assemblies

Why it’s class-leading

  • Vertical and horizontal boilers from 50 – 15,000 Kg/hr outputs
  • Natural gas, propane or oil
  • Ready to fire
  • Blowdown vessels built according to HSE guidelines
  • Condense tank constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel
  • Constructed in Britain

Complete and ready to go

Could your plant be more efficient?

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About our Skid Assemblies

Tailored to individual requirements and criteria, our flexible skid assemblies are available in vertical, horizontal, gas, oil, propane and electric configurations, with outputs of 50 to 15,000 Kg/hr.

  • Boiler and ancillaries are mounted onto a steel chequer plate floor and surrounded with box sectional uprights.
  • Main steam is piped to a steam header, which is trapped to the condensate return tank. An optional pressure-reducing valve can be connected to the steam header, and an outlet connection is left for onward connection.
  • Condensate is piped around the skid unit with a drain diversion system and connected to the feed and condense tank. The gas/oil is piped from the burner to a termination point attached to the skid uprights for onward piping.
  • Blowdown from the boiler is piped to the blowdown tank and the overflow is piped to the common drain that runs around the skid unit. An outlet is left for onward connection. All overflows and drains are connected to the common drain.
  • Water softener is fitted and wired with supply to the distribution board and piped with the necessary bypasses to the supply network on the feed and condense tank. A mains water connection is made ready for completion, and the electrical MCB distribution board is fitted and wired to the boiler. Ancillary equipment with a maintenance socket is also wired. To improve your boiler’s life, we advise using water softeners in conjunction with chemical dosing treatment.

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Why you need our Skid Assemblies

Robust design
The boiler and ancillaries are mounted onto a steel plate floor and surrounded with box sectional uprights

Tailored to your specification
All boiler types in many configurations

Easy, fast, and low cost installation
The full package requires external connections only. Disruption, if any, is kept to an absolute minimum.