Simplex Water Softener

Why it’s class-leading:

  • Metered unit measures water being used
  • Automatic proportional recharge
  • High flow valve for direct and indirect systems
  • High capacity resin for greater softened water creation
  • Working pressure 1.7 – 4.76 bar
  • Capacity @300ppm – 2,266 litres per day

Eliminates hard water problems for good

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About the Simplex Water Softener

Suited to consistent demand applications of moderate total water consumption, the Simplex Water Softener can be programmed manually or automatically for regeneration to occur during low water usage periods. Cost effective, the units provide many years of reliable service with minimal maintenance, and are ideal for use in the laundry, hotel and restaurant industries.

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Why you need the Simplex Water Softener

  • One box solution
    Eliminate hard water problems with one compact, durable unit
  • Fit and forget solution
    Easy to install and requires minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient
    Up to 32% cheaper to run
  • Guaranteed
    2-year parts and labour guarantee and a 10-year warranty on resin vessel