Series 4VT Steam Boiler 8 – 150HP

Why it’s class-leading

  • Energy-saving four-pass technology
  • 30% larger steam chamber
  • Integral heat recovery
  • 10-15 min. start up time
  • Compact, tubeless design
  • Skid mounted and ready to fire
  • Gas, oil or LPG fired
  • Made in Britain by CFB Boilers

Setting New Standards in Steam

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About the 4VT Steam Boiler

Hand crafted at our manufacturing facility in Britain and featuring a range of class-leading innovations such as energy-saving four-pass technology and a 30% larger steam chamber, the 4VT Steam Boiler is arguably the most energy efficient, high performance, reliable, and low maintenance steam boiler on the market.

Available in 12 models from 8 to 150HP, the 4VT range delivers precise, controlled temperatures to a wide variety of applications and equipment, making it an ideal choice for many steam requirements.

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Why you need the 4VT

Energy efficient
The 4VT steam boiler is the only boiler in its class to offer four-pass technology for optimum heat transfer, low exit flue temperatures, and minimal running costs

Superior quality steam
30% larger steam chamber meets variable steam loads efficiently, produces drier steam, reduces scale, and virtually eliminates boiler priming

Fast startup time of 10-15 minutes saves time and energy, and maximises production hours, while Integral heat recovery function minimises cycle times and increases energy efficiency

Plug and play solution
Skid mounted with optional feed water systems, the 4VT is simple to connect and install

User-friendly, automatic operation
Controls are fitted at the front of the boiler. Low water level controls with alarms are fitted as standard. Optional microprocessor control

Reliable, low maintenance design
Durable materials and tubeless construction eliminate blustering, metal stress and refractory problems, and reduces the need for descaling

Compact vertical design makes the 4VT easy to site and install

Simple to service
Accessible burner for easy adjustment and servicing, flue way positioned for straightforward cleaning, and central air inlet limits dust or moisture intake

Meticulously manufactured
Designed and built by CFB Boilers at our manufacturing facility in the UK using over 120 years of steam expertise