Ross 60 and Ross 60 Combi / Triple 15 – 160kW

Why it’s class-leading

  • Steam working pressure 0.3 – 7 bar
  • Delivers a constant supply of steam
  • Two, four or six elements for individual or combined output
  • Horizontal design allows for greater steam space
  • Packaged unit
  • Optional stainless steel condensate tank
  • Complete with all necessary integral valves and instruments

Automatic electric steam boiler

Could your plant be more efficient?

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About the Ross Combi and Ross 60 Combi/Triple

When it comes to flexibility and cost effectiveness, the Ross 60 packaged electric steam boiler is hard to rival; this innovative boiler not only features two heating elements – available in combinations of 7.5 to 60kW – for precise power ratings, and independently operating circuits which allow the use of one or both elements, but also entirely stackable, meaning future increases in steam capacity can be met with ease.

For fast and easy installation with minimal system downtime, the Ross 60 has an integral feed water pump with connection for either a tanked or direct water supply. Each boiler is robustly constructed from carbon steel or stainless steel for reliable and long-lasting operation.

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Why you need the Ross Combi and Ross 60 Combi/Triple

High performance
Superior design with large steam release area ensures the production of dry steam without water carry over

Fast installation and commissioning
Simple installation allows boilers to be up and running very quickly

Compact design
Space-saving, stackable design allows for installation in very small areas

Durable construction
All models are constructed from high quality carbon steel or stainless steel and feature flange mounted elements for easy removal and maintenance. Boiler is insulated and encased within a heavy-duty enamel steel jacket