BoilerRO Reverse Osmosis HP803-CH3-HP

Why it’s class-leading

  • 3 Membrane housing: stainless steel 316L
  • 3 Membrane: Polyamide 8040 (high performance)
  • Power and commands electric board
  • Start and stop with auto-flush
  • Auto-flush programmable in standby mode
  • High and low level tank control
  • Electrovalves 24V

100% Performance for 50% of the Price

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About the Boiler-RO

Achieving almost 100% purity of boiler feedwater and superior steam quality, the BoilerRO unit from CFB Boilers can be used for many applications, including those within the medical industry. The unit passes pressurised feedwater through specialised semi-permeable membranes with pores fine enough to prevent 99% of inorganic ions and dissolved organic contaminants from passing through. The results – in addition to superior steam – are efficient boiler running capacity (thanks to optimisisation of boiler TDS), and energy savings from reduced boiler blowdowns frequency.

Designed in Britain and manufactured by CFB Boilers, the BoilerRO costs up to 50% less than other reverse osmosis units in the market, and offers significant performance over scale devices or water treatment methods.

  • Three-phase electric power supply
  • Pressure switch to control inlet low pressure
  • High-pressure pump
  • Permeate Hydraulic Circuit and components: stainless steel 316L
  • High pressure concentrate circuit and components: stainless steel 316L
  • Low pressure concentrate circuit and components: PP, PVC or similar
  • Treated water production (with public water supply): ± 5000L / h

Like what you see?

Why you need the Boiler-RO

Improved steam purity
Delivers superior steam quality for safe and efficient plant operations

Reduced boiler blowdown
Lowers boiler operating costs and optimises efficiency of boilers and hot water systems

Long-term corrosion control
Protects boilers from corrosion and extends boiler life

Virtually eliminates system downtime
Delivers consistent levels of efficiency, reliability and performance through preventative maintenance

Sturdy construction
Chassis built from durable stainless steel

Automatic chemical disinfection
Fully automatic dosing system supplies the correct chemical dosage

Space and cost saving
Vertical design ensures the unit can be installed even in small awkward spaces.