Boilers for Process Applications

From plastics and paper manufacturing to cosmetics production to printing, whether its labels for bottles or producing plastic bags, Steam is fundamental to many critical processes. 
With our comprehensive product range, technical expertise and customisable solutions, we will make certain that you get the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market.
With over 124 years of experience we ensure no matter what process industry you are in, we can meet your requirements and we don’t compromise on quality. Our products and solutions are designed to last, ensuring high performance, and efficiency as standard and we are proud to manufacture all of our vertical boilers here at our factories in Essex.

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    What we did for CALOR GAS

    CFB Boilers recently completed a major steam boiler plant upgrade for Calor Gas at their Canvey Island Terminal in Essex. 

    The boilerhouse on site contained old boilers and outdated technology. 

    CFB installed 2 x Universal 3-pass horizontal boilers, type UL-SIE 6000 x 8 bar.g, each configured for a maximum steam output of 6450kg/hr from and at 100°C. 

    Along with the boilers, we also installed a Water Service Module accompanied with Duplex Water Softeners and Carbon Backwashing Filters and a Reverse Osmosis Unit,

    to provide the customer with the best water quality possible to ensure excellent steam quality and prolonged life of the equipment without issues such as Scaling due to poor water quality.

    The technology on the boilers were also improved to provide full boiler sequencing, adherence to BG01 – Arrangement 3 for unsupervised operation

    and signals to the site BMS system for monitoring of performance and efficiency.

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