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Boiler solutions for every application

Our expert boiler solutions provide steam and hot water to a wide range of applications in hundreds of different facilities, including film special effects, fine art, education, dry cleaners, manufacturing, leisure, laundry, textiles, nuclear power, ceramics, paper, and building materials. Whether you need a straightforward boiler install or complete, custom-made turnkey system, we’ll provide you with the most reliable, cost-effective, and high performance solution on the market.


  • Proven solutions in a wide range of applications. We’re the trusted boiler expert to a huge array of clients from the National Portrait Gallery to Pinewood Studios. We won their confidence, let us win yours
  • Class-leading products. Our comprehensive product range includes vertical and horizontal steam boilers, hot water boilers, electric boilers, reverse osmosis units, plant rooms and ancillaries
  • Unrivalled energy saving systems. Our flagship 4VT Steam Boiler is the only boiler in its class with energy-saving four-pass technology. High steam demand? Try our German-built UL-S boiler
  • Comprehensive service: We offer complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, tailored to your requirements. Our streamlined service saves you time, hassle and expense
  • Cost-effective clean steam. Our quality-engineered reverse osmosis unit, the BoilerRO, achieves almost 100% purity of boiler feedwater at around 50% of the price
  • 120 years of experience: There’s a reason we’re still going strong after more than a century; customer service is our main priority. Questions? Answered. Problem? Fixed. Need it soon? We can do it
  • Highest build quality. We don’t compromise on quality. Our products and solutions are designed to deliver longevity, high performance, reliability and efficiency as standard
  • Made in Britain, by us: Most of the boilers we install are made by us at our purpose built manufacturing facility in Essex.

You’re more than just a boiler sale

See what we did for London dry cleaners

To ensure maximum productivity and therefore profits, laundries and drycleaners need a steam boiler that can reliably and powerfully fulfil its role as the heart of the business. The 4VT Steam Boiler from CFB Boilers fits the bill nicely, offering significant energy savings, low maintenance and an impressive start-up time of 10-15 minutes.

This speed in reaching full pressure is essential for maximising working hours and therefore money-making potential for any laundry or dry cleaning business.

“I just need to arrive in the morning and start working. This is what the Slim Jim enables me to do. There’s no waiting around for an hour, I can start work almost straight away. Now if a customer comes in first thing, I can get the job done in five minutes.” explains Mr Malik, owner of Canonbury Dry Cleaners in Islington.

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Our interesting industry clients include: Fred Perry (clothing) – University of Cambridge (scientific sterilization) – H.M. Prison (laundry) – Johnson Group (laundry) – The National Gallery (humidification) – Magnox Electrical (nuclear power) – Butlins Grand Hotel (Leisure) – Chelsea College of Art and Design (education) – Effects Associates (film special effects) – Kings College London (sterilization) – Docklands Vapour and Sauna Baths (steam baths)