Mobile Eyes Telemetry

Why it’s class-leading:

  • Monitors up to eight inputs from each site
  • Immediate notification by text if a fault occurs
  • Can be programmed to report the status of each site on a daily or weekly basis
  • Suitable for all types of plant, skid assemblies, chemical feed equipment, pumps, tank/silo stock levels and steam and power generation sets
  • Compatible with all standard mobile phones

Remote monitoring made easy

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About Mobile Eyes Telemetry

Mobile Eyes Telemetry is a unique tool that allows boiler plants to be monitored remotely, straight from a mobile phone. Communicating via voice or text message,Mobile Eyes Telemetry will immediately inform users of problematic scenarios, such as boiler lockout, pump overload, activated fire signal or on-site power failure.

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Why you need Mobile Eyes Telemetry

  • Round the clock system monitoring
    The unit gives continuous visibility of equipment performance, inventory levels, and key process signals
  • Lower costs
    Identifying and rectifying problems early prevents additional, and potentially more serious, knock-on issues
  • Maximise system uptime
    Avoids unnecessary downtime by solving issues immediately.