Mini Duplex Water Softener

Why it’s class-leading

  • Non-electric, water powered unit
  • Patented twin-tank design
  • Fully automatic, demand-initiated regeneration
  • Separate brine tank and resin vessels
  • Metered for efficient water and salt usage
  • High flow rate
  • Large tablet salt storage capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant valve and tanks

Non-electric, on-demand limescale prevention

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About the Mini Duplex Water Softener

For maximum performance and efficiency, the Mini Duplex Water Softener cannot be beaten; this innovative unit is kinetically powered by moving water rather than electricity, and features a patented twin-tank design, which guarantees an uninterrupted supply of soft water, 24/7. The result is a compact, cost-saving, and convenient solution to boiler and appliance protection.

  • Uses jet technology to minimise water use during regeneration

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Why you need the Mini Duplex Water Softener

Minimal operating costs
Non-electric, water powered, demand-initiated technology results in optimal efficiency and low running costs

24/7 soft water
Patented twin-tank supply ensures uninterrupted supply of soft water

Efficient water and salt usage
Meter accurately determines when regeneration is required, resulting in less waste and greater savings

Low maintenance
Non-electric operation boasts no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace. Only tablet salt requires replacing

Easy to install
No plugs or wires to connect, plus separate brine tank and resin vessels

Easily altered to suit varying water hardness levels

Includes two-year warranty for complete peace of mind