Boilers for Food Processing

CFB Boilers’ innovative steam, electric and hot water boilers are perfect for meeting the precise heat requirements of a range of food processing applications, including jacketed kettles, ovens, fryers, and belt grills. We’re cooking on gas (and LPG, oil, propane); this is why you should work with us:


  • Proven solutions. We’re the trusted boiler expert to some of the biggest names in food, from Wagamama to McCain Foods. We won their confidence, let us win yours
  • Unrivalled energy saving systems. Many of our products are class-leading with unique energy efficiency credentials. Like our flagship 4VT Steam Boiler, which is the only boiler in its category with four-pass technology
  • Comprehensive service: We offer complete design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services, tailored to your requirements. Our streamlined service saves you time, hassle and expense
  • 120 years of experience: There’s a reason we’re still going strong after more than a century; customer service is our main priority. Questions? Answered. Problem? Fixed. Need it soon? We can do it
  • Highest build quality. We don’t compromise on quality. Our products and solutions are designed to deliver longevity, high performance, and efficiency as standard
  • Made in Britain, by us: Most of the boilers we install are made by us at our purpose built manufacturing facility in Essex.

Hungry for more info?

What we did for Green’s Flour

You might expect that doubling the output of a process would result in a near doubling of energy costs. Not so for leading food manufacturer, Green’s Flour. Since CFB Boilers replaced the company’s existing electric boiler with their high-efficiency 4VT steam boiler, the flour miller is benefiting from an incredible 225% increase in process output; resulting in overhead savings of tens of thousands of pounds. Furthermore, the company is also on track to save an additional £21,000 every year on boiler running costs alone.


Our food clients include: Natures Way, Wagamama, McCains Foods, Icelandic Foods,  Bumblehole Foods, Marshwood Farm, Franco Ices, Kong Wah and Peartree Farm Foods