CFB Boilers’ innovative steam, electric and hot water boilers are perfect for meeting the precise heat requirements of a range of food processing applications, including jacketed kettles, ovens, fryers, and belt grills.

Whether it’s a meat, noodle, sauce or the other food processing company, all require steam for several different functions.

While steam aids within the production of food, the length of your time needed for the boiler to warmup and cooldown, can result in lower energy efficiency and increased fuel costs.

If choosing one of our 4VT range of steam boilers, the unique design offers customers the power to start out producing steam from a chilly start up; within fifteen minutes of the boiler being turned on.

To meet the strain faced by food processing facilities, your choice of boiler can have a large impact during a company’s productivity, effectiveness of production process, whilst being energy efficient and fuel saving also.

Whether you are  cooking on gas (and LPG, oil, propane) here at CFB Boilers LTD,  we can supply all of your demands.

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What we did for Green’s Flour

You might expect that doubling the output of a process would result in a near doubling of energy costs.

Not so for leading food manufacturer, Green’s Flour.

Since CFB Boilers replaced the company’s existing electric boiler with their high-efficiency 4VT steam boiler, the flour miller is benefiting from an incredible 225% increase in process output; resulting in overhead savings of tens of thousands of pounds.

Furthermore, the company is also on track to save an additional £21,000 every year on boiler running costs alone.



 Some of our food clients include: 

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