We have been so busy here at CFB Boilers Ltd that we needed another factory. So here it is. 

Continuing our growth at CFB boilers we are nearing the completion of our brand-new additional factory. The land right next door to our existing factory which for many years now have we wanted to acquire came on the market and we grabbed it with both hands!

Little more than 40,000 square feet of unused land we have carried out extensive ground works and roadways also constructing the new factory.

Boasting an 8-tonne double bogie overhead gantry crane, water harvesting tanks from rainwater for our hydrostatic testing of the boilers and soon to be added solar panelling… there has even been talks of an on-site wind turbine.

We aim to decrease lead times of our 4vt boiler range and in addition maintain boiler stock for faster turnaround times for our customers that need steam plant “off the shelf”.