Blowdown Vessels

Why it’s class-leading

  • High performance boiler scale reduction
  • Conforms to HSE Guidelines
  • Optional matching vent heads and cooling water systems
  • Manufactured in Britain by CFB Boilers
  • Built to code BS.EN.5500 CAT 3 & European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

Efficient removal of impurities

Could your plant be more efficient?

It won’t cost you a penny to find out

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About Blowdown Vessels

Extend boiler life with our high quality Blowdown Vessels, which are manufactured by us at our purpose-built facility in England.

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Why you need our Blowdown Vessels

Cost savings
Optimises boiler condition and longevity

Efficient design
Saves energy and minimises emissions

Robust construction
Built to last using durable materials

Comprehensive range
Available in a variety of sizes to suit all steam boilers

Minimal maintenance
Designed for convenience